Affordable Healthcare for All

Healthcare Expenses are #1 Reason for Filing Bankruptcy

Too often Wisconsinites need to choose between groceries and paying for healthcare. Too many have no insurance or inadequate coverage due to high deductibles, excessive co-pays and large out-of-pocket expenses. For many families, a serious illness or injury to a family member may cripple their personal finances leading them to not being able to pay the costs and often filing bankruptcy ,maybe even losing their home.

What happens when the patients cannot pay their medial bills? A person Dennis knew without insurance suffered a stroke. After five weeks at Froedtert Hospital he was discharged owing $225,000. Who paid that bill? All of us who use Froedtert. Now compound that for all of the patients who cannot pay across the medical system and that is a huge expense adding to the cost for healthcare.

This has to stop because everyday people have the right to affordable health care. Following are what I would fight to do at the state level:

  • The Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land. There should be a Wisconsin Exchange which you lead to more competition and lower premiums

  • BadgerCare should be a part of the Wisconsin Exchange or be made available to all residents adding even more competition which would lead to lower premiums

  • We need to accept the Federal government’s Medicaid funds. We have walked away from over $1 billion leaving tens if thousands without insurance

  • BadgerCare should be indexed for income to protect more Wisconsinites