Videos On The Issues

The following videos on Dennis's views are from the Special Election in January 2018 and reflect his current opinions as well. Watch for additional videos during the mid-term campaign.


We Need To Repair Our Infrastructure


It doesn't take much time driving around Washington County to see that we need to repair our infrastructure. We can't continue to kick the can down the road. As your State Representative, I'll work to make sure our roads are safe.

Our Children's Education Is Our Future

We must invest in our children's education. I'm proud to be President of the Washington County Campus Foundation. We award over $150,000 in scholarships annually to students to help prepare them for family-supporting jobs. As your State Representative, I'll prioritize students over profits. 





We Need Family-Supporting Jobs in Washington County

As the President of a Credit Union, I helped working people achieve their financial goals. The foundation for attaining those goals is a family-supporting job. As your State Representative, I won't lose sight of that.

Everyone in Wisconsin Deserves Access to Affordable Healthcare

I believe affordable healthcare is a right of everyone in Wisconsin. Unfortunately that right is under attack. Every Wisconsin family should have access to the healthcare they need. As your State Representative, that will be my first priority.