Protect Wisconsin’s Natural Resources

We Don’t Have TOO Much Clean Air and Water

At both the state and federal levels, our environmental protections are under attack. The agencies are being politicized, emphasizing corporate needs over the public good. Laws are being repealed, weakened and ignored. Climate change deniers are delaying needed actions to slow and halt the conditions making matters continually worse. Tourism and sportsmanship will be affected if we continue down this failing path. And like so many other areas over the past eight years, we have also lost our role as environmental leaders.

Who pays the price, Wisconsin’s everyday people. We need to stop this attack and return the Badger State to being leaders again protecting what makes Wisconsin special our stewardship of our air, water and lands.

  • Stop politicizing Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) by returning it to a separate stand alone agency

  • Restore DNR staffing levels to protect our environment

  • Legislation to increase the states’s renewable energy mandate from a dismal 10% to at least 25% by 2025

  • Low interest loans for Wisconsinites to purchase and install solar panels

  • Appoint renewable energy advocates to the Public Service Commission

  • Return control to the local governments for protecting their air and waterways

  • Legislation to protect the public from the environmental hazards of fracking in Wisconsin

  • We must continue to fully fund the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program

  • Legislation to commit the state of Wisconsin to the Paris Climate Accord

  • Hold Foxconn responsible for all environmental laws