Ensure Voters’ Rights to Fair Elections

The Protection of Each Person’s Vote is Critical for a Democracy

The state of Wisconsin was found guilty of Gerrymandering. Although the Supreme Court did no accept the appeal, because they questioned the standing of those bringing the suit, they did not overturn the decision. The Republican led legislature secretively worked with a Madison law firm, spending $400,000 of taxpayers money, to create districts that would lead to their maintaining control even if there are more Democratic voters statewide. Republican members of the legislature needed to sign non-discloser acts (like Stormy Daniels) before they could see their newly drawn districts for approval. Democrats were not included in the decision making. Is that how we want Wisconsin’s government for work? No.

Wisconsin has some of the strictest voting laws in the country to prevent the nearly non-existent voter fraud. The purpose of the legislation as a former state senator from the our are stated was to restrict to vote for Republicans political gain.

We need to return elections to the voters:

  • Create Fair Maps legislation to stop future Gerrymandering

  • Create a non-partisan commission for the decennial redistricting

  • Return the state ethics and voter commissions to a non-partisan organization

  • Implement automatic voter registration for 18-year-olds

  • Implement automatic voter registration for new residents using their drivers license registration

  • Make voting more convenient by examining alternative voting methods used by other states like online ballots, mail, weekend voting, etc

  • Stop delays with Special Elections so voters can be represented in the legislature rather than an open seat for months

  • Return control to the local governments for their voters and taxpayers