Strengthen Our Schools by Restoring Public School Funding

Children are our future, not a profit center

Education is one of the top concerns of the voters we talk to when canvassing for-to-door, during phone conversations and our campaign events. Dennis agrees, the challenges include:

  • Our state school funding formula was established in 1993 and is outdated for today's educational needs

  • State imposed tax levy limits makes it difficult for schools boards to have sufficient funds for operations and capital needs

  • In national studies, Wisconsin ranks in the Top 10 states where educational funding has dropped the most since the Great Recession

  • Since Act 10 our educators have been under attack as they are considered the problem devastating our teaching ranks

  • Teachers in many communities are afraid to admit to their occupation to people they do not know

  • Teachers are doing more with much less paying for many items needed out of their own pockets

    • Class sizes are growing meaning less time for teacher's one-on-one learning experiences

    • Many schools no longer have social workers in a country where social issues continue to grow

    • Most schools no longer have a school nurse

    • Librarians are fewer and fewer and not in most schools

  • Our high school graduation rates have dropped from a tie for second place to ninth

  • Our funding for post-secondary education continues to fall making college education harder to obtain for many students

  • The University of Wisconsin's standing as a top research university has slipped, no longer Top 5

  • Student loan debt burdens continue to grow slowing graduates ability to borrow for cars and homes

It is Time for Leadership and Action

Wisconsin once was a proud leader in education (and many other areas). We've lost our ability to lead with politicians not willing to tackle the difficult work and make hard decisions for our future and truly move Wisconsin Forward. Here are the steps Dennis will fight for to restore public school funding?:

  • The 1993 school funding formula must be updated for the 21st Century needs of Wisconsin's schools

  • Local control for funding schools must be restored to the people who knows what best for their communities, not Madison

  • Trying to fund both public and voucher schools has not succeeded, the emphasis needs to be on Public Schools

  • More funding must to go to the Public Schools by examining alternatives including best practices of other states

    • Re-examine the many tax cuts over the past eight years to determine what can be changed to invest in Wisconsin's future

    • What are other states doing to reduce the burden on property taxes?

  • Increase the state's share of funding of the UW System enabling more students to obtain college degrees

  • Find ways to fund up to 100% of the cost of a Technical College education for the skills needed for family supporting jobs

  • Create a state fund similar to the WEDC to help Wisconsin students refinance their excessive student debt